Communication with parents

BOUNCE enriches the communication experience of parents with kindergarten children by providing them with chat features, A personalized news feed featuring media and ads, and schedule, and push notifications, and live updates, And daily reports on their child’s day.You can also send auto-generated invoices directly to parents – and get paid via the app while they’re on the go. You can also set automatic reminders to have the app prompt for payment on your behalf.


The chat feature facilitates easy interaction between students/parents and teachers, This allows the nursery to remain digitally connected at all times. Provides a direct communication channel between parents and teachers, Instead of forming multiple groups via WhatsApp or Telegram. Parents can communicate with teachers about any doubts/clarifications at any time, Instead of calling them or meeting them in person. Parents will have privacy to personally interact with their concerns about their child.

Student reports

The student reporting system is one of the most useful features of BOUNCE. Teachers can create detailed daily reports for each child that includes information about activities, meals, naps, bathroom sessions, and any injuries that occur.

These reports communicate between teachers and parents by providing a comprehensive summary of a child’s entire day. Parents appreciate staying informed about their little ones’ schedule and experiences.

The reports also allow nursery managers and administrators to maintain high operational visibility by viewing attendance figures for all classes. They can easily search for and access individual student reports as needed.

With BOUNCE’s easy-to-use reporting features, Both teachers and parents can feel confident that they have open channels of communication to collaborate in providing the best care and development for each child.

Media sharing

BOUNCE’s media sharing functionality allows for truly meaningful sharing between parents and their children’s daily activities. Teachers can quickly share photos and videos from the classroom directly with parents. Starting with simple photos documenting arts and crafts, to live clips of outdoor play, Parents no longer have to miss special moments throughout their children’s day. Teachers can also tag individual students and add annotations, So parents know exactly who and what they’re watching. With just a few clicks, The entire early learning experience can be shared. This level of communication undoubtedly strengthens the bonds between families and caregivers.

BOUNCE enables a collaborative environment where both parents and teachers can work together to provide the best possible care and development for each child. Start your free trial today and feel the difference!