Bounce brings together all the functionalities that you need to run your child care center

And keep everyone involved in the loop with all the activities.

Happy Parents, Happy Setting

Your Voice Matters

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One Stop Shop

Personalized Support

We Grow, You Benefit

Switch in Hours


Support You Can Count On

Happy parents, happy setting

Communicating with parents and allowing them to collaborate and be engaged is the essence of Bounce.

Our sticky product allows parents to constantly be engaged and happy with the center for the instant feedback.

70% +

Of our parent users use the Bounce app every single day of the month!

Your voice matters

We take our customer’s feedback very seriously. We created the product for users like yourself – so when you need a feature or have a recommendation, we analyze it and add it to the product road map.

Your one stop shop

We have everything. No really, we do.

From invoicing, to instant messaging and automated reporting, everything you need is in one system and it’s extremely easy to use.

One size doesn’t fit all

We know that different clients have different requirements, which is why our software has configurations and customizations that the end user can do themselves to tailor the system to their need.

Personalized Support

If you’re struggling with a feature our trained support specialists are there to help.

We have in-app customer support available 24/7 which means parent users can also get the help they need at any time.

We grow, you benefit

As we grow we will keep on adding new features into our product roadmap.

Existing clients will benefit from all features added to our road map, at no added cost.

Hear it from our customers

Wadhha Alkaabi

“Overall, the Bounce app is easy to use and learn, and the customer support team has been very responsive and cooperative. Bounce helped us to manage student data and communicate with the parents easily in a secure and sustainable manner which is a top requirement for us at Al Basateen Kindergarten. In addition to this, media sharing, daily reports and the online payment solution have been extremely helpful in managing our operations.”

Wadhha Alkaabi

Al Basateen Kindergarten

Shakera AbdulRahman Saeed AlMughairi

“Bounce’s organization & features impressed our admin team, lowering the workload. Easy communication & attention to detail are a hit! Top features:

1. Archived student reports,
2. Vacation child deactivation, and
3. Detailed child data dashboard.

Plus, their supportive & responsive customer service is fantastic!”

Shakera AbdulRahman Saeed AlMughairi

Little Stars

Sh. Sala Abdulrahman Al Khalifa

“As nursery owner I love Bounce for its user-friendly interface, efficient student management & real-time parent communication. App makes tracking attendance & updates a breeze! Highly recommended for fellow preschools.”

Sh. Sala Abdulrahman Al Khalifa

Little Scholars Nursery

Mrs. Nuha Al Nuaom​

‘Since signing up with Bounce, we have been able to communicate better with parents, automate tasks and plan better with the calendar. Due to this, we have saved 70% of our time from carrying out daily tasks, seen a 58% increase in enrolments and been able to increase our teacher headcount by 15%!’​ ​

Mrs. Nuha Al Nuaom​

Little House Nursery

Eman Saleh​

“My experience with Bounce is an amazing one! I’m using Bounce because I can write all the kids’ information in the daily report, make announcements and post events. Additionally, the injury report is amazing. Let’s not forget the wonderful technical support team, they are so professional and helpful. All the parents in my nursery who are using bounce are very satisfied with it. Thank you very much Bounce”​

Eman Saleh​

Small Steps

Nadia Al Fehaid​

“… the online payment option and the video and photo sharing features have been a hit with our administrative staff, teachers and parents.

Nadia Al Fehaid​

Kids Gardens Nursery​

Hesa Al Musa’ed​

“Bounce has helped us ease work pressure on both the nursery admin and teachers, while also making communication easier between parents and teachers. It’s a wonderful platform that helps parents really be a part of the child’s day.”​

Hesa Al Musa’ed​

Kids Oasis Nursery

Dr. Aya E lKemeney​

“Besides being functional, Bounce is also a lot of fun. We are glad to have one platform sharing all the details with parents. It has brought more order to our daily work life.” ​

Dr. Aya El Kemeney​

Diamond Nursery & Preschool

Lina Sehwail​

“Bounce content sharing, announcements, events and reminder features has made it a breeze for our staff to keep parents updated on everything that’s happening with their tiny tots at Bamboo”

Lina Sehwail​

Bamboo Nursery

Miriam Bisreh

“Bounce completely eliminates the need to use any other app, whether in communication with parents, notifications or even in accounting. It is a very comprehensive app.”

Miriam Bisreh

Owner, World of Happiness Nursery ​

Sara Al Lami

“It has saved us around 60 to 70 percent, of course here I am talking about the cost of employees as well as effort and time. It has reduced my hours on operational tasks and I can manage a lot of individuals through the app.”

Sara Al Lami

Owner, Smart Steps Nursery

Switch in hours

You can move all your parent and child information with a couple of clicks, and let us take care of the rest.

We will also give you a dedicated team member to guide you throughout the whole process.

Support you can count on

We take support very seriously. Our dedicated support team are available 24/7 to help you at any time.

We also have a complete resource hub complete with video guides and training manuals that can be accessed at anytime.

Our training team gives our clients world-class traning sessions

To make sure that they can benefit the most from the use of our product.

Keep your data safe

We take data protection and security very seriously.

We are GDPR compliant and operate on a multi tenancy basis which means 100% top notch private database for each and every one of our clients.

24 hours to set you up!

One digital platform takes care of all your preschool management and communication needs

Are you a nursery owner?

Reduce operational hours and efficiently run your center in an all-in-one solutions.

Are you a Teacher?

Easily manage daily tasks from automated children reporting, to media sharing, and messaging with families.

Are you a Parent?

Stay connected to your child’s learning with instantaneous reporting, media sharing, and easily pay online.