Special Education classrooms and schools have unique needs and accommodations to benefit the students and staff learning and working there. Using a preschool management software program is another tool teachers, and students can utilize to their benefit.

Preschool management software takes the guesswork and busywork out of many daily functions and allows teachers and staff to focus on their most important asset, the children in their care! 

Preschool management software can offer many features and benefits, and you will have to determine your school’s needs. We’ve compiled a brief highlight of how a preschool management software like Bounce explicitly benefits the special needs environment. 

Manage Specialized Plans and Sessions 

Special education students come with unique learning and educational plans. The age of the child and the disabilities or needs the child has will determine those plans.

Bounce allows teachers to share documents pertaining to class schedules, announcements and special events or sessions with parents electronically, reducing paperwork and admin work. These announcements and events will be highlighted in the personalized news feed and can be pinned In fact, the calendar feature within the app allows parents to keep  track of these announcements and receive reminders for important dates, for instance when a therapist is scheduled for a session. These appointments can also be shared externally to the parent’s calendars ensuring nothing important is ever missed!


Communication is essential to the success of the parent-teacher team, and using preschool management software makes communicating effortless!Bounce provides secure and private options for parents and teachers to share messages, photographs and videos on the child’s day and their progress. From live chat to daily reports, teachers can provide parents with all the necessary information throughout the day. For example, meals, bathroom visits, naps, activities and mood. 

Not all special needs students can speak or effectively communicate with their parents about their day. Bounce makes it easy for parents to have a clear picture of their child’s day so they can feel at ease. 

Online Payments

Online payments is a major benefit preschool education software offers schools and parents. Parents of special needs children have enough to worry about without remembering to write a check or make a payment. Online payments are convenient, safe, and secure through Bounce.

Photo & Video Journal

A considerable part of any preschool program is the ability for teachers to document and record milestones. Photos and videos are an excellent way to capture learning and skills acquired, and for teachers to review material or moments to create detailed documentation and observations. 

Education software is designed specifically with those needs in mind and makes it easy for teachers to track each individual child’s progress. With Bounce, parents can receive a notification whenever a photo or video of their child is posted. And with the storyboard feature, parents can create a collage of moments over time to keep track of skill development and achievements. 

Child Security

Keeping children safe and well-cared for is a preschool’s number one job, and preschool management software provides essential information at the touch of a keypad. Teachers can view allergies, emergency phone numbers, authorized contacts and those permitted to pick up a child, and any other health or safety information stored for each child. Bounce’s information is stored in a secured cloud database that takes the guesswork and rifling through papers and binders to find necessary information. 

Bounce allows parents to see their child’s daily report, view photos with developmental milestones tagged, and see the activities their child participated in each day. The app offers many features that support the special needs environment, and using a preschool management software can provide daily peace of mind to both parents and teachers.