Smart Dashboard

Bounce offers you 360 operational visibility with a smart dashboard. The Bounce dashboard presents you with a snapshot of all your nursery data from payments, attendance to injury reports and employee activity, all in one place.

Enrolment & Waitlist Management

Enroll students based on your custom information needs and create parent accounts for communication.


Manage attendance of both your employees and students with our easy check-in and check-out feature. You can even use our kiosk app to save operational hours by automating this feature!

Student Management

View and manage your database, and create groups based on the set up of your nursery or
childcare center. Bounce offers you the options to manage and view student information
based on groups or individuals.

Online Payment Solutions

Save time and admin headaches with simpler invoicing, enquiry handling, and finances.Send parents automatically-generated invoices straight to their pockets – and get them to pay over the app on the go. Our full fledged finance and accounting system allows for the creation of products and subscriptions, making it a breeze on your end for collections and tracking. You can even set automated reminders so the app can do the chasing on your behalf.

Communication with Parents

Send parents automatically-generated invoices straight to their pockets – and get them to pay over the app on the go. You can even set automated reminders so the app can do the chasing on your behalf.

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Learning Management

Elevate your teaching experience with Bounce.

Bounce’s Learning Solutions feature revolutionizes curriculum planning, management, and lesson creation. Customize frameworks, seamlessly integrate engaging content, and track student progress. Collaborate with fellow educators and adapt the curriculum in real time.

Milestone Tracking

Track student progress, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate milestones with Bounce’s Milestone Tracking feature.

Curriculum Management

Efficiently manage curriculum planning and customization, ensuring educational goals are met with Bounce’s comprehensive solutions.

Lesson Planning

Create engaging lessons, access a resource library, and collaborate in real time for dynamic and interactive learning experiences with Bounce’s Lesson Planning tools.

Media sharing

Parents don’t have to miss moments of their child’s day as they can receive photographs and videos from the teachers at the nursery. Post, tag, download and share media with Bounce.

Student Reports

Boost your operational visibility by generating attendance and revenue reports for your nursery.

Supplement daily communication with parents by sharing daily reports inclosing details and timings of activities, food consumption, naps, bathroom visits and injuries.

Administrative Reports

Boost your operational visibility by generating attendance, revenue, and operational reports for your center.

Help your admin team out with our reporting feature that makes gathering info for tasks such as audits a breeze.

Security & Sustainability

As a cloud-based platform, Bounce will securely store all your data, contacts and reports.
Parents can relax knowing that their child’s information is always safe.

With Bounce storage is online so you can go paperless and
contribute to your company’s overall agenda of sustainability.

Virtual Classroom

Never stop teaching children, anytime, anywhere, through the Bounce Virtual Classroom. Keep your business running and adapted to any sudden stoppage by providing virtual at-home learning!

24 hours to set you up!

One digital platform takes care of all your preschool management and communication needs

Are you a Nursery Owner?

Reduce operational hours and efficiently run your center with an all-in-one solutions.

Are you a Teacher?

Easily manage daily tasks from automated children reporting, to media sharing, and messaging with families.

Are you a Parent?

Stay connected to your child’s learning with instantaneous reporting, media sharing, and easily pay online.