Toddlers and pre-schoolers are at an extremely impressionable age; they are discovering and learning new activities, learning to be independent, and developing new motor and social skills. While at home parents are the primary care takers involved with their child’s development; teachers and child care professionals at day care centers and preschools play a critical role. This means collaboration and effective communication has to take place to support parents efforts and this can be done with daily reports.

A Daily Report can share a child’s mood, behavior, food intake and highlights of the child’s day. It allows parents to be involved in their child’s day and informs them on any milestones or issues the child may be facing. It takes parenting to the next level and augments the way teachers support child development.

While the Bounce app provides a digital option of Daily Reports, we wanted to give nursery owners and teachers access to the feature outside the app to personalize by adding their logo, edit and add information, save or email it to parents for their records. Download this resource here.