Dars, the leading EdTech startup serving educators and learners across MENA announced the launch of Bounce, an LMS platform built specifically to support pre-K and nurseries. The specialized platform built to connect pre-school administration, teachers and parents, through one comprehensive and accessible platform aims at creating collaborative childcare communities. With early-adapters in multiple markets across the region including Kuwait, KSA, UAE and Egypt, the mobile-first platform facilitates teacher-parent communication, allowing parents be a part of their child’s growth journey.

One of Bounce’s key features is a comprehensive dashboard that provides a 360 management tool helping preschool centers record centralized cloud database; making enrollment, information management, payment collection and tracking processes digitized and less cumbersome. Bounce enables teachers to update parents about their child’s learning experiences in real time through a safe and secure eco-system for photo and video sharing. They can also manage classrooms / student groups and alert parents on upcoming events and activities.

“We are very excited to be announcing the official launch of the Bounce LMS system. Since our inception we have worked towards creating products that accelerate the region’s shift to digitizing learning experiences. We believe that Bounce will bring in a new era of seamless communication between parents and teachers while easing the data management and administrative processes, giving all educational stakeholders more time and space to focus on the child’s growth journey,” said Noor Boodai, Founder & CEO of Dars.

The app was launched to coincide with the return to normalcy efforts across the region, helping preschools and nurseries with business continuity. The platform aims at supporting childcare centers while navigating government restrictions imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Also commenting on the launch, Alex Barreto, Vice President Product, said, “We built Bounce to free owners and educators of young children from the burden of administrative tasks and gave them the tools to foster the development of young minds. We use the way people already understand and use digital products (social platforms, chat platforms and video conferencing) to build mobile-first products that take into consideration the needs of the educators, children and parents as well as their development, safety, privacy and well-being.”

Bounce is Dars’ second product offering, since the launch of their award-winning maiden project Darisni in 2016. In the upcoming months, the EdTech startup is expected to roll-out Bounce to other markets in the region, namely – Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Jordan, with international expansion plans following thereafter.

Dars has been closing the education gap faced by all educational stakeholders in the region. With the tremendous growth that the USD10 trillion education industry has seen in the recent past, Dars have been working to take educational experiences online enhancing knowledge accessibility. Since its inception, Dars has been transforming the way people think about educational learning. The startup provides quality Arabic and English educational content, giving people the freedom to learn what they want, when they want, where they want.

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