We live in a digital age. Most businesses use computers, tablets, mobile phones, other electronic and digitized devices and software daily. Technology makes running a nursery or preschool simpler, creates less clutter, and provides a streamlined way to manage your school.

Using Bounce for your preschool is smart as we make running a preschool efficient, safe, and easy. And now, we offer digitized student registration streamlining the process for both parents and you. 

If you’re unfamiliar with digital enrollment and its benefits, we’ve outlined the top five reasons that digitizing student enrollment is a good investment for early childhood programs. 

Less Paperwork

Using Bounce’s digitized student enrollment means you and your staff will have less paperwork to handle, file, and store. Storing and filing paperwork wastes precious resources like staff time and office space. With less paperwork to file and manage, staff and admin can focus on other vital roles around the school.

Additionally, a digitized space for student enrollment means administrators have a complete list of prospective registered students at their fingertips! Digital enrollment also speeds up your enrollment process, meaning you can process more applications quicker. 

Simple to Organize and Manage

Digitized student enrollment means no more colored tabs or folders when organizing your enrollment paperwork. Instead, the Bounce feature makes it simple to edit, shortlist, reject, or accept applications.  Administrators can also activate and deactivate students as needed.

Once a new student is switched to accepted status, the information parents entered is used to create their student enrollment file automatically. In addition, administrators can customize the student profile page to delete or include information relevant to their program. 

Easy for Parents to Use

Digital enrollment makes it easy for prospective parents to sign their child up for your school. All it takes is a scan of a unique QR code or a click of a link. Once the QR code is scanned or link is clicked, parents are routed to an online enrollment form where they input the necessary data to enroll their child. 

Parents may put off enrolling because the thought of sitting down and filling out paperwork is tedious and time-consuming. A digital enrollment system means parents can quickly enroll their children when and where it is convenient. 

Conveys Your School is Tech-Savvy

Offering digital student enrollment shows prospective parents that your school is hot with the times and tech-savvy. In addition, it indicates to people that your program understands the benefits of using technology and how to use it wisely. This translates into parents knowing your program likely uses technology in multiple ways that will benefit them as parents and their children as students.

Safe and Secure

Digital enrollment is safe and secure. There is no paperwork that can be lost or misplaced. Parents can rest assured their data is safe with Bounce. Likewise, administrators can feel confident that they are storing their prospective and current student data in a secure and private database. 

Digital student enrollment is the next step in digitizing your school’s paperwork and streamlining your enrollment process. Using digital enrollment is safe, secure, and easy for parents and administrators and creates a sense of ease and effortlessness to the often tedious task of handling paperwork.