One of our primary jobs as preschool teachers is teaching young children, social skills and good manners. Phrases like “Use your magic words” or “What are the magic words?” are common when teaching children. Therefore, we’ve created the Magic Words Template to help educators teach these crucial words and phrases.

Our bright, colorful template can be printed and hung around the classroom. And, when laminated, older children can practice writing magic words with dry-erase markers or draw pictures of what the magic words mean to them.

Teachers can also use the blank templates to add additional magic words they wish children to learn. 

The Magic Words Template also makes a great handout to send home with parents for children to practice at home. Parents may also wish to have blank copies so they can add magic words or phrases they use at home. In addition, children can bring magic words from home to share with the class.

Good manners and strong social skills start with a solid foundation when children are young. Our Magic Words Template is a wonderful tool to add to your teaching toolbox.

Download the template here:

English Template

Arabic Template