Hey there, teachers and parents! It’s Math 2.0 Day, and we’re here to celebrate the magic of math in our everyday lives, even in preschool!

While preschoolers might not be solving complex equations just yet, math is actually all around them, helping them make sense of the world and navigate their daily routines. Let’s explore how!

  • Counting: From sharing snacks with friends (1, 2, 3 treats!) to singing songs with verses (first verse, second verse!), counting is a fundamental math skill that helps young children understand quantity and sequence.
  • Shapes: Preschoolers encounter shapes everywhere – from the round circle of a ball to the rectangular blocks they love to build with. Recognizing and differentiating shapes is an important early math concept.

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  • Sorting and Matching: Sorting toys by color or size helps children develop problem-solving skills and logical thinking, key components of early math.
  • Patterns: Whether it’s noticing the repeating patterns of their shoestrings or clapping hands in a rhythmic pattern, preschoolers are naturally drawn to patterns. Recognizing patterns is a crucial foundation for later math concepts.

Making Math Fun!

Now that we know how important math is for our little learners, let’s make it fun! Here are some ideas to incorporate math into your preschool activities:

  • Sing counting songs: Make learning numbers catchy and engaging with classic songs like “Five Little Monkeys” or “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe.”
  • Play shape games: Sort colorful blocks by shape, build towers with different shaped blocks, or create fun shape collages.
  • Set up a sensory bin: Fill a bin with rice or beans and hide objects of various sizes for sorting and counting fun.
  • Read math-themed books: Plenty of children’s books introduce math concepts in a fun and interactive way.

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