Parents love to know how their child is doing and what they’re up to while at preschool. They especially love knowing how their child is progressing developmentally: physically, academically, and socially.

Bounce’s latest feature, Storyboard, allows parents to do all this and more! 

When parents feel connected to their child’s schooling, they are more involved in the educational process and more supportive of the teachers and school. In our modern digital age, it is easier than ever for parents to create a connection between themselves and their child’s day through the Bounce Storyboard feature. 

How does Storyboard work?

Teachers can use the Bounce app to capture moments from the child’s day during the school semester and share them with the parents by tagging them in these photographs and videos. While parents had the option to view and download these moments previously, now with the Storyboard feature, parents can select these tagged photographs to create a collage of these moments from either an event or over a period of time, and export this in a pdf format to document and share with family.


Storyboard offers numerous benefits to parents who want to follow their child’s developmental progress, academic accomplishments, and potential areas of concern. With real-time communication and access to their child’s development, parents can make the best decisions on how to support their child and help them grow. 

Teachers can use Storyboard to document social activities, highlight when a child has learned a new skill, and carefully track the development of children. The Bounce app already allows educators to share and store photos of the children’s work, cutting down on bulky file folders and sending numerous pieces of paper home. Parents can view pictures or videos of their child that have been uploaded and read the descriptive caption attached so they know exactly what is happening in the photo. Parents can also use photos uploaded to Storyboard to create a collage of a special day, anticipated accomplishment, or simply adorable photos of their child they wish to keep!

Benefits of Storyboard for Special Needs Students

The Storyboard feature is particularly beneficial for parents of children with special needs. Photos are a valuable tool in creating any child’s developmental portfolio. However, pictures can be especially useful when creating a special needs child’s portfolio because they can capture specific moments and accomplishments that can better help parents and educators understand how the child is developing. 

Photos shared via Storyboard can give parents peace of mind that their child is happy and enjoying their day in a supportive environment that fits their specific needs. Parents can also download and save these photos to share with healthcare providers, home caregivers, and other individuals central to their child’s care to ensure everyone is on the same page with the child’s needs and development. Photographs are also useful tools when creating a child’s specialized educational plan and can be added directly to the child’s file. 

The Storyboard feature gives parents unique access to their child’s day and a means of sharing their child’s development and accomplishments with the ones they love.