Learning the letters of the alphabet is the first step in learning to read and write a language. Children must be able to recognize the letters out of sequence and presented in a random form and places to truly have mastered the skill. Our alphabet template is the first step in teaching young children the letters of the English and Arabic alphabet.

The first page is brightly colored attractive to children’s eyes. Each letter is shown in its uppercase and lowercase form with an identifying word and picture that correlates. These colorful templates can be printed and laminated and used as snack time mats, playdough mats, and various other learning activities like letter matching, tracing, or bingo.

The second page of the template is ideal for older children who have begun to master the alphabet and are ready for additional practice. Children can write lists of words that begin with each letter, practice writing letter forms, or draw pictures that match. 

Both templates can be printed and sent home with children for additional practice or games with mom and dad.

Download the templates here:

English Alphabet Template

Arabic Alphabet Template