Gain a Clear View with the Bounce Smart Dashboard

Stay Informed : Track key metrics like attendance, fees, and revenue at a glance.

Customizable Reporting : Analyze data for specific periods with customizable date ranges.

360° Visibility : Monitor student and parent enrollment, staff activity, and even injury reports – all in one place.

Effortless Enrollment for You and Families

Flexible Control : Open or close registration periods with a simple toggle.

Online Forms : Simplify the process with convenient online admission forms.

Customizable Fields : Tailor the forms to capture the data you need.

Streamlined Efficiency : Enroll students quickly and efficiently.

Simplified Attendance Tracking

Real-Time Visibility : Monitor daily and monthly attendance for all groups

Individual Tracking : Teachers can easily track specific students.

Employee Attendance : Track staff punctuality with a centralized time-keeping system.

Simplified Sign-In/Out : Easily monitor and edit student attendance with a few taps.

Accurate Records: Ensure accurate attendance data to address any parent inquiries.

Powerful Student Management

Centralized Access : View and organize student information in one place.

Detailed Profiles : Access student names, parent contacts, enrollment status, and more.

Simplified Editing : Update information, monitor waitlists, and accept new admissions.

Streamlined Tracking : Monitor attendance with clear sign-in/out logs and easy editing tools.

Bulk Upload : Expedite onboarding with bulk student data upload.

Effortless Calendar Management

Simplified Scheduling : Plan and publicize upcoming events with an intuitive interface.

Group Visibility : Educators see only relevant events for their classrooms.

Centralized Control : Administrators oversee the entire calendar for optimal coordination.

Enhanced Communication : Keep parents informed about upcoming activities.

Bounce empowers your center to collect payments efficiently while offering parents a convenient and secure experience. Start your free trial today and experience a smoother path to financial success!


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