Effortless Online Payments

Convenience for Parent: Parents can make secure online payments directly through the Bounce app, eliminating the hassle of checks or cash.

Simplified Billing: Create products, subscriptions, and invoices for tuition and fees within the app’s finance and accounting system.

Streamlined Collection: Track payment statuses, mark requests as paid, and view detailed histories – all in one place.

Paperless Billing: Say goodbye to paper invoices and embrace a more efficient, digital approach.


Flexible Offline Payments

Accept Cash and Checks: Bounce accommodates parents who prefer traditional payment methods..

Organized Records: Easily record offline payments to maintain up-to-date financial records

Branded Invoices: Generate professional invoices with your center’s logo and details for offline payments.

Automated Reminders: Set reminders to ensure timely collection of payments.

Automated Invoicing

Professional Look: Generate beautiful, branded invoices with pre-populated details for each child.

Digital Convenience: Invoices can be paid online through the app or sent electronically to parents.

Simplified Process: Automate the billing process and simplify financial management for administrators and parents.

Enhanced Image: Present a clean, organized image through professional and structured invoices.

Bounce empowers your center to collect payments efficiently while offering parents a convenient and secure experience. Start your free trial today and experience a smoother path to financial success!


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